Thursday, July 28, 2011

Koperasi Modern Jaya need investors for Cassava and Mocaf

Koperasi Modern Jaya invite anyone who is interested, to invest in Lampung in the field of cultivation of cassava through a pattern of mutually beneficial cooperation.

With technology and experience, Koperasi Modern Jaya are capable of producing 100 tons of cassava per hectare at age 11 months. and plan to create a factory mocaf (Modified Cassava Flour)

And already have MOUs with some of the processing plant cassava in Lampung to accommodate the results of our cassava production.

Koperasi Modern Jaya provide superior cassava seedlings, fertilizers, growth hormones (ZPT), as well as the Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) in order to achieve a minimum of 100 tonnes of cassava production per hectare.

For further information please contact person:

1. Ir. Sudarsono Telp / Mobile: 081379674156 (Lampung)
2. Ir. Rhino H Pranapati Telp / Mobile: 021-33339009 (Jakarta)

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