Tuesday, May 17, 2011

About Mocaf (Modified Cassava Flour)

MOCAF (Modified Cassava Flour) or Motekap, is a new innovation Flour, made from cassava with lactic acid fermentation process, according to the standard (SNI 7622:2011) established by the National Standardization Agency of Indonesia (download SNI Mocaf here.....)

Mocaf Flour characteristics almost the same as wheat flour (preferably white, aroma, and flavor equivalent), so mocaf can be a substitute ingredient in the manufacture of food products based on wheat flour and rice flour.

Advantages mocaf flour; good for health, easily digested because of the fermentation, are safe for the children with autism, diabetes, digestive disorders, and allergies because it is free Glutein;

Mocaf flour has a high calcium, high fiber (the highest of all the flour), low fat, contains scopoletin which may inhibit cancer cell proliferation.

The process of making mocaf flour, natural biological (organic) without any chemicals (no preservatives and dyes) and processed hygienically.

How to make Motekap flour, motekap made from cassava flour in the fermentation using enzymes / starter. to make 1 kg of flour motekap need of 3 kg of fresh cassava.

Cassava in the manufacturing process are washed and peeled and chopped in a thin layer or it could be in 'sawut' or in coarse grated, then soaked in a solution that is fermented enzyme / starter lactic acid for 12 to 24 hours.

After finishing the fermentation and then dried using a drying machine, then in crushed / in flour then so be sifted flour mocaf with 80 mesh and 100 mesh.

Motekap Flour or mocaf can be used to make noodles, Instant Noodles and Noodle, various types of cakes and food, cake wet and dry; lapis cakes, brownies, spongy, cake, bakery, biscuits, cookies, nastar, and kastengel; Assorted food, Meatball , Spaghetti, Naget. Pempek, crackers. And other food based on wheat flour and rice flour.


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