Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Palang pintu (lit. door's bar) tradition of Pencak silat Betawi demonstration

During a Betawi wedding ceremony, there is a palang pintu (lit. door's bar) tradition of  Pencak silat Betawi demonstration. It was a choreographed mock fighting between groom's entourage with bride's jagoan kampung (local champion). The fight is naturally won by groom's entourage as the village champs welcomes him to bride's home. The traditional wedding dress of Betawi displays Chinese influence in bride's costume and Arabian influences in groom's costume. Betawi people borrowed Chinese culture of firecrackers during wedding, circumcisions or any celebrative events. The tradition of bringing roti buaya (crocodile bread) during wedding is probably a European custom.

Palang Pintu Betawi is a  wedding  ceremonial event was very entertaining. Palang Pintu an activity that aims to get to know the family and arrival destination. Then, as a condition of acceptance of the groom, must pass an exam questions and compete martial arts before the door was opened by the winner of the bride Betawi.

The event was organized before the ceremony began, precisely when the new grooms entourage arrived in front of the residence of the bride. grooms will be intercepted by the bride's family. The groom bully must fight the champ bride.

representatives of the bride then opened the conversation with a limerick. Furthermore, representatives of the groom's answer to rhyme. Dialogue with laughter poetry played a very lively and inviting from the audience. Fill rhyme typically answer questions about their purpose.

 After that, representatives of the bride challenging one person against the pencak silat martial art of the people. The procession symbolizes the groom's attempts to marry the idol's heart. Uniquely, every fight martial arts, the bride definitely defeated by grooms champion.

Besides fighting martial arts and fight rhyme, grooms also challenge the skills of reading Al-Quran. And after all the tests have been passed by winning this test, eventually latch can be opened and entered by the grooms.

After the ceremony was over, the wedding reception takes place with a festive tradition. The decor will Betawi ondel-ondel and colorful decor. The music will be accompanied by sound and marawis tanjidor (player groups and using nyayian Arab tambourine). In addition, it also plays xylophone Gambang kromong's Betawi

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