Thursday, September 24, 2015

MyMFB reserves the right to pursue all legal options against Facebook

Lahore - In a meeting at office, it's CEO Mr. Omer Zaheer Meer pointed out that with reference to the recent news that Facebook has announced testing and subsequent launching of a "dislike" button, MyMFB a.k.a. MillatFacebook had already launched this feature over two years ago which is being used by hundreds of thousands of MFB members known as MFB'ians.
He congratulated the team on yet another achievement after being the largest social network ever by Muslims for all the peaceful and decent people of all faiths.          

He said that this shows that despite minima l resources MyMFB is not only making big strides ahead but also taking initiatives which are now being copied by the so called giants like Facebook. He said while MyMFB reserves the right to pursue all legal options against Facebook, for now it just want to stress the irony of the situation. When MyMFB was launched in response to Facebook administration's support for blasphemy and insult of Prophet Muhammad PBUH on its' platform, Facebook's propaganda units blamed MyMFB of copying it despite no unique feature of it being copied. It is worth mentioning here that the basic platforms of such social media sites are same.

On the other hand, MyMFB introduced many unique features like Live Kaabah, Live Masjid e Nabvi (PBUH), Dislike button, e.t.c. Moreover MyMFB also offered privacy protection to its' members unlike Facebook.

He hoped that the media would give due importance to the news as a global giant was forced to copy MyMFB's initia tives which should be of pride to not only Pakistan but the entire Muslim world. Furthermore, he pointed out that if despite lack of support and minimal budget MyMFB can achieve this then one can imagine the heights it can reach with proper support and backing from Muslim world and Governments.

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