Sunday, March 29, 2015

How to make a homemade Eco-friendly mosquito trap

The authorities at Dubai Municipality have devised an organic and eco-friendly mosquito trap, The Director of Public Parks and Horticulture Department at Dubai Municipality, Taleb Abdul Karim Julfar, explained that the idea behind the cheap and simple device is to use materials .

All you need are an empty plastic bottle, some sugar and a pinch of yeast. Voila! No fumes, chemicals or smoke. Make Your Own Eco-friendly Mosquito Trap in 6 Simple Steps:

Step 1. Cut the top of a 1,5 Lt bottle
Step 2. Mix 200 ml of warm water with 50 g of sugar
Step 3. When the mixture cools down, add 1g of yeast (no need to stir)
Step 4. Invert the bottle top into the botle
Step 5. Wrap it with a plastic bag or news paperr
Step 6 Place it in a dark corner and wait for your preys


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