Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Prabowo Subianto says he will be the kind of strong leader Indonesia needs

TALK TO AL JAZEERA - Prabowo Subianto: 'The people are fed up' The Indonesian presidential candidate talks about his concerns, ambitions and plans for the future of his country. Surveys show that if elections were held now he would become president of Indonesia, the nation with the biggest Muslim population in the world. Democracy in Indonesia, he says, is threatened by the country's "elite".

"Democracy in Indonesia can fail because of the weakness of our legal system, or our enforcement system, the massive cheating; it is a very sensitive period. How wise will the Indonesian elite be? Or will the Indonesian elite want to continue business as usual, continue the current state where everything is up for sale?
Source:  Prabowo Subianto: 'The people are fed up' - Talk to Al Jazeera - Al Jazeera English

Prabowo says he will be the kind of strong leader Indonesia needs.
"I think a leader should be strong. How can you be a leader if you are not strong? You must have strong character, you must have strong integrity, you nust have strong belief  in common sense in honesty.  How can you have a weak leader anywhere in the world?"  Source: GerindraTV

Video Exclusive Prabowo Subianto with Dalton Tanonaka,:

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