Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kevin Macdonald on Life In A Day

Today is the day to make film history
Film a moment, or the moments, that make up your day, or the day of someone you know. Whether mundane or extraordinary, serious or playful. You can shoot multiple videos or just one. You might record a sunrise, your commute to work, your familiy meal, an afternoon prayer. You decide.

Answer Kevin's Questions:
If you wish, you can shoot an additional video answering one or all of these questions to help complete Kevin's vision for the film:
- What do you Love ?
- What do you fear?
- What makes you laugh?
- What's in your pocket? is there a stpry behind any of the objects?

UPLOAD Your Videos:
Upload your video(s) betwen July 24 and July 31 by clicking on the "submit" tab, which will appear on the life in a day channel on July 24, and following the instructions

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