Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Diving in Bali

Did you know that Bali lies at the center of the world's richest marine biogeographical region! This Indo - Pacific region runs from the Red Sea to the West Coast of South America. Smack in the center of this vast area is Indonesia where the Pacific meets the Indian Ocean . Indonesia , with over 18,000 islands and an estimated 85,000 square kilometers of living coral reef. That's more than 14 percent of the world's coral reefs and the richest 14 percent at that.

Biologists studying species distribution have placed the very epicenter of this marine richness in an area called the "magic triangle". Forming the corners of this biological marvel are the tip of the Southern Philippines to the north, Bali to the east and Western New Guinea. This region alone encompasses the richest diversity of marine fauna on the planet. Over eighty genera of coral and perhaps twenty five hundred species of fish! ( and still counting) compare that to say the Caribbean with only twenty genera of coral and eight hundred types of fish!

So why come and dive in Bali ! Easy, you want to experience the richest and best marine environment on the planet.

Nusa Dua Dive Site
Take a boat about 10 minutes from Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua. Reef with soft and hard corals, good variety of small reef fish . Shark and crocodile fish are occasionally seen Ideal for beginner and experienced divers.

Oh, did I also mention its easily accessible! You don't have to spend days on boats trekking to some far flung dive site. A simple Day Trip or Dive Safari will place you at world class dive sites and still you can enjoy all the amenities and charm that has made Bali one of the best holiday destinations in the world.
What makes diving in Bali different than the other place ?

It is not only world class dive sites, it is a combination of nature, adventure, cultural, religious, and ancient tradition all in one island, the island of God.

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